Finishing touches

More than anything else in a home – accessories allow your personality to shine through. Accessories include lamps, pictures, vases, candles or just about any accent item. Without them, you may have a beautiful room, but lack a real feeling of warmth and personality. A home without accessories is like food without seasoning. Accessories enhance your Master Plan of color, coordinated fabrics, furnishings, flooring and wall covering.

Accessorizing is a never ending delight! And the best part is that once you have a plan – a color and design scheme in mind – you’ll find the perfect accessories just about anywhere! You may find them while traveling, at an estate sale, a bazaar, or from a decorator.

Whenever you see something that appeals to you, buy it. Every time you look at this special item, you will be delighted at the pleasant memories it rekindles. Not only will these carefully selected items give you continual pleasure, but they will lend that all important personal touch to your decorating plan.

Once you’ve begun your collection of distinctive accessories, try experimenting with their display. Perhaps you would enjoy grouping them in odd numbers on a coffee table or lamp table. The fireplace mantle and hearth are great places to add a touch of greenery or candles. Decorative lamps can also play a large role in your accessorizing. Lamps are just a part of the lighting plan.

A well-lit room includes four major types of lighting – ambient, task, accent and mood – all which create a dramatic effect in your room.

Ambient or general lighting is indirect, and literally bounces off the walls and ceiling to provide comfortable background illumination. It’s important that it be distributed evenly in your rooms, so that no areas are overly bright or hidden in the shadows. Recessed and track lighting are considered two of the best general sources of light.

Task lighting, does exactly as its name infers – it provides necessary light for specific duties such as reading, writing or cooking.  Again, it’s important that task lighting be shadow free.  Because of its “localized” nature, two great examples are reading lamps and under-counter lighting.

Accent lighting is purely decorative, and includes everything from up-lights and torchieres to sconces and spotlights.  If you want to accent a work of art, or draw attention to an architectural element in your home, then accent lighting would be your best choice.

Mood lighting generally comes from flexible light sources.  For example, if you want to change the mood in your dining room, simply add a dimmer switch to your chandelier, and you’ve instantly change your room’s ambiance.

Most rooms have multiple uses, so be sure to have the right mix of lighting! As your Chatham-Basking Ridge Area Decorating Den Interiors decorator,  I have just the right touches for your room.  Please give me a call!

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